Amitraz Solution

Short Description:

Main components: Amitraz 12.5%, BT3030, transdermal agent, emulsifier, etc.
Specification: 12.5%
Packing specification: 1000ml/ bottle.
Drug withdrawal period: Cattle, sheep 21 days, pig 8 days; Discard milk period 48 hours.

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Pharmacological Effect

Diformamidine is a broad spectrum insecticide, effective.

Against various mites, ticks, flies, lice, etc., mainly for contact toxicity, both stomach toxicity and internal drug use. The insecticidal effect of diformamidineis to some extent related to its inhibition of monoamine oxidase, which is a metabolic enzyme involved in amine neurotransmitters in the nervous system of ticks, mites and other insects. Because of the action of diformamidine, blood-sucking arthropods are overexcited, so that they cannot adsorb the surface of the animal and fall. This product has a slow insecticidal effect, generally 24 hours after the drug to make lice, ticks off from the body surface, 48 hours can make mites from the affected skin off. A single administration can maintain the efficacy of 6 ~ 8 weeks, protect the animal body from the invasion of ectoparasites. In addition, it also has a strong insecticidal effect on large bee mite and small bee mite.

Function And Use

Insecticidal drug. Mainly used to kill mites, but also used to kill ticks, lice and other external parasites.

Usage And Dosage

Pharmaceutical bath, spray or rub: 0.025% ~ 0.05% solution;
Spray: bees, with 0.1% solution, 1000ml for 200 frame bees.

Adverse Reactions

1. This product is less toxic, but equine animals are sensitive.
2. Irritant to skin and mucous membrane.


1. The milk production  period and honey  flow period are prohibited.

2. It is  highly toxic to fish and should  be  prohibited.  Do  not  pollute  fish ponds and rivers with the liquid medicine.

3.  Horses are sensitive, use with caution.

4. This product  is irritating to the skin, prevent the liquid from staining the skin and eyes when using.

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