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■ High standard, high efficacy complex mycotoxin treatment!
■ Super anti-mold, mold removal, detoxification, anti-diarrhea, and immune enhancement.

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【Common name】Montmorillonite Powder.

【Main components】Nano-modified montmorillonite 80%, yeast cell wall, β-mannan, etc.

【Functions and applications】It is mainly used for the auxiliary treatment of piglet diarrhea, mold poisoning of livestock and poultry as well as mycotoxin infection of feed and raw materials.

【Usage and dosage】Measured by montmorillonite. Oral administration: one dose, 4g per piglet, 2 times a day, for 3 days. When acute diarrhea, take this product immediately, and the first dose should be doubled.

【Mixed feeding】For livestock and poultry, when used for long-term prevention of mycotoxins, add 1kg per ton of feed; when used for moldy feed or infected with mycotoxins, add 2kg per ton of feed (the dosage can also be increased or decreased according to the degree of contamination of mycotoxins).

【Packaging specification】1000 g/bag.

【Pharmacological action】and【Adverse reaction】etc. are detailed in the product package insert.

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