Qizhen Zengmian Granules

Short Description:

Main components: Astragalus, Epimedium, Ligustrum lucidum, etc.

Adverse reactions: According to the prescribed dose, no adverse reactions have been observed.

Precautions: The standard has not been specified.

Drug withdrawal period: The standard is not specified.

Standard: Each 1g is equivalent to 1.2g of raw drug.

Packing specification: 500g/ pack.

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Astragalus, into the lung tonifying qi, into the surface of the real health, for the most of the medicines of qi, with tonifying lung and spleen, lifting yang, yiwei solid table work, can improve the body immunity; ligustrineodor allyin, is into the kidney in addition to the essence of the product, tonifying kidney and liver, strong waist and knee; epimedium, the sex is warm and not cold, can benefit the essence, has the function of tonifying the kidney and zhuang yang. The three medicines are used together to play the function of fuzhengdispelling evil, supplementing wei and strengthening surface, supplementing essence and strengthening yang and enhancing immunity.

Qizhen zengyao granule, as a typical representative of traditional chinese medicine immune enhancer, has the function of regulating immunity, activating immune function of body organs, promoting antibody production and improving body resistance. The use of qizhen zengmin granules in the prevention and control of viral diseases can obviously reduce the morbidity and improve the health level of livestock and poultry.

Function Indications

Nourishing liver and kidney, supplementing qi and strengthening surface. Indications: Low immunity.

Usage And Dosage

1g For Every 1l Of Water For 3 To 5 Days. Recommended Clinical Usage And Dosage:
1. Mixed Feeding: Livestock And Poultry, Add 500g ~ 1000g Of This Product To Every 1 Ton Of Feed, Continuous Use For 5 ~ 7 Days.
2. Mixed Drinking: Livestock And Poultry, Add 300g ~ 500g Of This Product To 1 Ton Of Drinking Water For 5 ~ 7 Days.

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