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■ Innovative process, patented technology, super stable and non-degradable!
■ Strong combination, synergistic effect, antibacterial effect is 16-64 times that of single-formula amoxicillin!

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【Common name】Compound Amoxicillin Powder.

【Main components】Amoxicillin 10%, potassium clavulanate 2.5%, special stabilizers, etc.

【Functions and applications】β-lactam antibiotics. For infection caused by penicillin-sensitive bacteria.

【Usage and dosage】Measured by this product. Mixed drink: per 1L of water, chicken 0.5g (equivalent to 100g of this product to water, poultry, livestock 200 ~ 400kg). Use twice a day for 3-7 days.

【Mixed feeding】 for livestock and poultry, 100g of this product should be mixed with 100~200kg of feed for 3~7 days.

【Packaging specification】500 g/bag.

【Pharmacological action】and【adverse reaction】, etc. are detailed in the product package insert.

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